Are you tired of being mistreated?

Im simple.. I only want 2 designs

(one on each hand)

 Fill in - $45

Full set short $45

Full set medium $60

Full set long $65.

(No Show fee 50%)

Book Haiti 🇭🇹 

I’m simple but a little jazzy.

I want designs on 4 fingers!

Fill-in (Short-Long) $50

Full Set (Short) $50

Full set (Medium) $60

Full set (Long) $70

The Germany design package comes with

Light nail art on 4 fingers 2 on each hand.

(No show fee 50%)

Book Germany 🇩🇪 

I want something fun but not too crazy 

Designs on all 10 fingers

Fill-in (short- long) $60

Full Set (Short) $60

Full set (Medium) $75

Full set (Long) $85

(No show fee 50%)

Book Kenya  🇰🇪 

Im extra! I want bling ,

 glitter and what ever else you have to offer ...let’s do it !

Unlimited freestyle

& up to 6 full bling nails

Fill -in (short-Medium) $80

Fill-in (long-XL) $120

Full Set (short) $90

Full Set (medium) $120

Full Set ( long) $135

Full Set (XL) $160

(No show fee 75%)

Book Japan 

Ombre fade on all 10 nails 

(2 colors)

(Swarovski crystals  NOT included)

Color Change Fill-in 

 (short-long) $50

Full Set (short) $50

Full set (medium) $65

Full Set (long) $75

Full Set (XL) $90

(No show fee 50%)

Book Ombré

Paris France 🇫🇷 

Touch up- Short-Long $55

Full Set (Short) $125

Full set (Medium) $140

Full set (Long) $165

Full Set (XL) $200

(No show fee 75%)

If you desire a personalised color Swarovski crystal set,

let me know at least 2 weeks in advance so that your color can be ordered.

Colors kept in bulk for Paris France or the ab crystal (rainbow) & white crystal (diamond)


Please Note:

DONOT copy other nail artist work.

 If you bring in a photo It will be used for ​inspiration ONLY.

*All sets are done with a non MMA acrylic system.

What is MMA?