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What is MMA?

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is a bonding agent used in artificial nail services. However the use of MMA has been associated with adverse health effects, and MMA-based acrylic / dip power nails will be tough, inflexible and difficult to remove.

MMA acrylic is dangerous to the nail and skin around the nail. When used, it can turn the natural nail yellow, lead to permanent nail loss, numb the nail and skin around it and can lead to irritation and air blockage. MMA creates super hard nail enhancements that don’t break. However, when the nail is jammed, the natural nail breaks first, under the MMA acrylic causing even more painful damage.

MMA was introduced to the nail industry in the 1970s when dentists used the same powder to form porcelain dentures. It can also be found in plastic. However, by the end of the 1970s, numerous complaints were filed to the FDA about the horrible effects of this powder 

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