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Are you tired of being mistreated?

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Will be launched on January 1st

My Story 

I’ve been a specialty nail art technician for over 20 years and I've visited over 30 countries, so I guess it's safe to say that my favorite hobbies are art and travel.

I also have a small obsession with country flags ,and learning about different cultures as well as teaching my nail clients about those cultures.

The platform I have is perfect because with doing creative nail art you have the attention of your client for anywhere from 45min to 3 hours depending on the set.

My passion was to get people to travel, especially women. For the past 7 years I would teach the importance of travel and how it separates you from the average as it broadens your thought process and how you interact with others from different walks of life. I would also teach my nail clients how to budget and train for the countries they were going to, dos and don'ts, laws ,rules, basic phrases ect.

After years of doing this FOR FREE, I said to myself “hmm..there's a market for this ,I need to start getting paid!” So I signed up January 2020 to become a travel agent and boy did I have the ball rolling!

I was ready to teach culture and budgeting classes to help people build theirdream vacations and fill those passports with stamps. Little did I know as I was making my plans to teach lessons and travel the was Covid.With international travel being so limited right now, this box is my way of combining my passions as we wait for the world to finish healing.

Each month you'll receive a box in the mail featuring a different country inside you’ll find nail art, fun facts, common phrases, mini flag, snacks or token from the featured country. You’ll receive my very own glitter and powder mixes inlays, nail stickers, nail polish and a glitter saver.

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