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Designer Shape


This service includes 20 minutes of shaping to achieve a stiletto , ballerina ,round, almond or coffin shape.

Cut down reshape-


This service includes the current length being cut shorter and left with a square shape.

If you want a shape change you will have to select designer shape.

Soak off and Shine


Taking acrylic nails off completely and leaving them off , with a buff out or clear shellac polish

Soak off-


If you book a soak off please come 1n an hour prior to your service ,  that way your nails can be completely soaked off before the service begins and wont interfere with your  service slot . If you do not come in at the proper time for your soak off we will have to do a fill-in.

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A thin layer of acrylic placed over the entire natural nail. There is no length added to this nail service.

Clear shellac 


Clear Shellac  (gel polish ) added to the natural nail for a high gloss shine that lasts 2 weeks or longer . This service does not include a color gel.

Shellac on plain nails


Shellac (gel polish) added to nails that are clear of any acrylics or shellac (gel) polish .

Shellac Polish change


This service means you already have shellac on and you need it removed and replaced.